January 2010

People often ask me where my passion for agriculture originates. After seeing me gladly stand up against pundits pointing fingers at farmers, many likely think it’s the anti-ag groups that fuel my fire. While it’s true that each piece of misinformation fans the flame, it’s really the people behind the food plate that give me the greatest inspiration. (more…)

What’s the perfect recipe for chili? Some like it with corn, others put in chickpeas, yet others crave spaghetti noodles in it. Personally I add herb cornbread biscuits on top of my chili. Different recipes fit different tastes. The same is true for social media; some will love the spice and fast pace of Twitter, while others enjoy the sweetness of Facebook. Yet others find YouTube to be the special sauce – and even go so far as to shoot video from the tractor and upload from their phone since they have no high speed internet. (more…)

MPK Note ~ Darin Grimm, a family farmer in northeast Kansas, grows corn, soybeans, wheat, sunflowers on 2000 acres with 1100 head of beef cattle.  Darin loves technology, particularly data related to improving the decision-making ability for agriculturists, having been involved with precision ag tools for a number of years. In the last year, his interest in technology has attracted him to analytics of social media.  He wrote this guest post in response to a question posted on #AgChat, a weekly streaming moderated conversation on Twitter.  I applaud him for taking the initiative! (more…)