Sing a little song about your daily work, even when it smells . Make your message fun. Upload to YouTube from your smart phone. Share it with the world.  A family dairy farmer down in Alabama has developed quite a following for his work and his cows doing just that.  Will Gilmer, also known as “The Singing Dairyman”, creates “Moo Tube Minutes” to educate people how their milk is produced and give a voice to dairy farmers. (more…)

Technology is a frequent topic in modern agriculture and considered a necessary farming tool.  The rest of the world is abuzz about technology tools, but in a very different context than in food production.  YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs, Facebook, social networks, Second Life, video blogs, RSS feeds, and Twitter are some of the popular ones.  If you don’t have time to familiarize yourself with all of these, join the crowd.  However, you also need to know that the techno tools used by the rest of the world are INFLUENCING public opinion about the tools we use in agriculture. (more…)