May 2008

“One word expresses the pathway to greatness: voice. Those on this path find their voice and inspire others to find theirs. The rest never do.” ~ Steven Covey

Enough said.  What voice do you have for agriculture?

“Well, I feel like I got baptized in Vegan Land today.” said Oprah on her May 20 show, according to Farm Sanctuary who reports this show featured Kathy Freston, author of Quantum Wellness. Oprah announced that she has embarked on a 21-day cleanse that includes removing all animal products from her diet in her quest to be a “conscious eater.” Farm Sanctuary reports through its newsletter “This is BIG. So BIG, in fact, that we need you to show your support of Oprah’s choice to try an animal-free diet. Please join the discussion, or share your story on Oprah’s site.” There’s also a blog about Oprah’s experience. (more…)

Are we in the “perfect storm” of circumstances that’s shooting off lightening bolts about the agrifood business?  Let’s take a look at conditions that are putting food production into the limelight – and not in a very kindly fashion. (more…)

Do animal rights activists care more about animals or their cause?  I’d suggest the latter when you look at their track record, not to mention the millions of dollars they solicit and spend (see for the scoop on budets and funding sources). (more…)

Beware…HSUS is on the hunt for more shocking footage to diminish the credibility of all of us in animal agriculture.  Most well-known amongst the general population for “fuzzy kitties and cute puppies” – the Humane Society of the United States has weighed in as a heavyweight to bring animal agriculture to its knees.  (more…)