August 2009

Consider this; one person on a farm tour could make thousands of positive impressions. That’s an excellent ROI compared to dismal milk and pork prices at the farm gate right now!  The following is written by a mom, health professional and speaker who experienced her first modern dairy farm tour last week as a part of speaking for a Vita-Plus event – and found an ‘ah-ha’ moment. Read on… (more…)



Harvest is rapidly approaching, a season filled with measurements of a farmer’s success. Agriculture needs to look at yields in areas beyond the combines and choppers. One of those needing yield improvement is consumer understanding of agriculture. I’d encourage you to look at the millions of opportunities in social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Ning, et al) as a critical tool in improving perception measurements about the agrifood business. Why? (more…)

FFA Alumna Michele Payn-Knoper Reflects

FFA Alumna Michele Payn-Knoper Reflects

If you wore blue and gold corduroy, you likely understand intense feelings that have transcended two decades.  March 1989 is a month I remember clearly, even if 20 years have gone by in a blink of an eye.  The Municipal Auditorium at Michigan State University had a distinct fervor of excitement, anticipation and apprehension.  You see, it was the place where our State FFA Officer team led the Michigan FFA Convention.  I recall the thrill of dashing up the aisles during opening ceremonies, rocking the house with a couple of thousand screaming FFA members and working with a group of people who still hold a special place in my heart today. (more…)