“You can change the world with every bite.” is the closing line of Food, Inc. Rather than getting into the debate around this sensationalized “opiniontary” – I’ll just suffice it to say that it doesn’t fairly represent an incredibly complex agriculture system. However, the last line (set to “This Land is Your Land” music and lovely graphics that clearly show the money poured into the film) caught my attention.  I’m sure it resonated with many viewers who are wondering about WHO is behind their food. (more…)

“Industrial agriculture” and “factory farming” are terms used with increasing frequency, thanks to activists on a rampage to put food production in the worst light possible  to further their own agendas.  What is a factory farm?  How do you define one?  And, WHO is responsible for defining that?  (more…)

If you want a dose of reality about the environmental push against food production, look no further Greenpeace’s ranting at http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/news/green-living-guide/on-your-plate.  They also have an extensive report available targeting agriculture’s role in greenhouse emissions in Europe.  As I review this and other reports of how modern day farming is poisoning the land in mass media, I always have to pause to consider how we can do a better job in explaining agriculture’s concern for the environment.

Try these on for size – some quick facts can be very effective in a coffee shop or church conversation. The majority are from www.farmpolicyfacts.org, many sourced from USDA. (more…)