Last night brought the unfortunate news about the passing of Proposition 2 in California.  Unfortunate because of how short-sighted the ballot initiative is.  Unfortunate because it was driven by the million dollar budget of industry activists (e.g. HSUS and Farm Sanctuary ) – rather than truly being a grassroots effort.  Unfortunate because it places animals over humans. Unfortunate because it further sets the stage for a rhetoric driven society with little value for science. (more…)

It’s refreshing to find an article from outside of agriculture that actually focuses on the merits of understanding the food life cycle.  A school in New York gave me that breath of fresh air this morning with their response to the activists outcry to the school’s “Chicken Project.”  By way of reference, this is a town of around 12,000 people in the Finger Lakes region of New York – a strong agricultural area.  I’ve worked in the region enough to know there are radical activists who like to say nasty things about people who don’t agree with them. (more…)