It’s rare I’ll give a shout out to Buckeyes, given my green and white Spartan blood. However, Election Day 2009 calls for a rallying cry for every Ohio resident who cares about agriculture, the rural economy, freedom of business choice, scienced-based information or maintaining low food prices.  My thoughts – live and unedited – about why Issue 2 deserves your YES vote. (more…)

If you’re in ag, this headline likely made you roll your eyes after a few trying weeks of threats to the use of antibiotics.  If you’re not a part of agriculture, you likely have some concerns about about antibiotic usage in food production. Where’s the disconnect?  I believe that the different perspectives come from varying life experiences – remember that 98.5% of the U.S. population have no direct connection with farming. (more…)

Best known for their cute kitten and fuzzy puppy propaganda , the Humane Society of the United States has “come out of the closet” with their emotional pleas to stop abuse of “factory farm animals.”  It should now be clear that HSUS is more about driving animal agriculture out of our culture than they are about caring for abandoned pets. (more…)

The following just came in from Sustainable Table, who produced the “fun” Meatrix, a series of cartoons featuring the “terrible” practices in modern food production.”  Meatrix I focused on dismantling pork and poultry production, Meatrix II goes after “industrial” dairies, and Meatrix II½ “exposes” meat processors. If you’re in agriculture and haven’t seen these, take a look – they are tremendously effective in the media savvy under-40 crowd.  (more…)