June 2009

Eight years ago, I opened up my own shop and became a “professional speaker.” I left the stability of a good salary (at least in the eyes of a farmer’s daughter),  a corporate office team and the opportunity to hob knob with senior managers across the agrifood business. It was exciting, yet terrifying.  In retrospect, becoming an entrepeneur was one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve made – and gave credence to my life standard “no risk, no reward.” (more…)

Questioning why an organization should be a part of Twitter? Today I sent out a tweet (a 140 character-length message) to my community of 1000+ on Twitter.  Their responses were inspiring, so I wanted share these examples with you to help more people in agriculture understand the business value of Twitter.  And, most importantly, encourage you to jump on board if you’re not already a part of the Twitterverse! (more…)