usflag640Ironically, leaving the United States gives me a better perspective on our country’s beloved freedom.  I wanted to share my thoughts in celebration of Independence Day.  Regardless of your location in the world, I hope this gives you pause to reflect on – and appreciate – the freedoms you value most. (more…)

In today’s world of information overload, it’s rare that a piece captures my complete attention. Even rarer is video footage  that’s worth 20 minutes of viewing. This presentation by Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs held my attention multiple times – and I think it’s worthy of yours.

He clearly outlines the need for correcting misconceptions, overcoming complacency and building work ethic based upon his experiences as an “apprentice” with manual laborers.  Rowe describes working with a rancher to castrate lambs and finding firsthand that “humane” techniques aren’t necessarily the “right thing to do” as compared the practical application learned by people who have decades experience with animals – and knows what is best for the animals.  He learned firsthand that misconceptions can cause pain, literally and figuratively. (more…)