December 2008

Agriculture is now in the firing line for excessive government spending.  Rather than the banks or auto makers who have received massive bailouts, food production is attacked in “Agriculture: Downsizing the Federal Government.”

This finger pointing goes from “an exploding number of USDA employees” to subsidies going to only to corporate farms to rising food prices to “farm areas dominating congressional ag committees.”   Did you know that farmers are now wealthier than the average U.S. citizen?  I had to watch it a couple of times to catch all the claims they made about how agriculture is growing the amount of taxes we pay. (more…)


Procrastination is a four-letter word to some people.  I believe procrastination is simply reality.  We’re  pulled in so many different directions that it can be difficult to complete what you want and need to accomplish.  This blog posting is an excellent example – I wanted to get it up long before this week, but had an overflowing task list due to extensive travel.  And, of course, I think it needs to be perfect! (more…)

Online communities-whether you call them social or marketing or time wasters-are the hottest commodity of 2008.  Whether we like it or not, online networks are here to stay-watch a Gen X or Yer and you’ll quickly see why.  It’s all about electronic connections, probably somewhat similar to the way older generations enjoy going down to the coffee shop for breakfast or Sunday afternoon visits-online communities just happens without eye contact. (more…)