Working with a great group of Egyptian ag faculty members

Working with a great group of Egyptian agricultural faculty members in 2008.

As I write from JFK, it’s my last hour on U.S. soil for a couple of weeks.  The remainder of the month will find me working with MUCIA and Agricultural Technical Schools in Egypt for the second year in the row. I consider it a privilege to assist with the training and development of agriculturists through projects like this one.

When my impending trip came up in conversation with U.S. friends, the most common reaction was “why Egypt?” – the same question as when I’ve worked in the Ukraine and the Baltics.  The answer is always the same; I enjoy helping agriculturists in developing countries. And, frankly, I think Americans need an expanded global perspective to appreciate our own fortune.  These trips always give me far more lessons than what I deliver. (more…)

Michael Pollan of the New York Times and author of In Defense of Food, has gained a passionate following.  Many in our business don’t buy that Pollan’s in touch with modern agriculture.  He’s working on a new, likely very profitable book, and wants reader input on food rules. “In recent years, we’ve deferred to the voices of science and industry when it comes to eating, yet often their advice has served us poorly…” (more…)

    Nearly 700,000 children went hungry in the U.S. last year.  One in eight people in this nation struggled to feed themselves adequately.  Both of those startling facts, cited in an NBC report, came before the bottom fell out of the economy.  USDA indicates 12.2% of our population “didn’t have the money or assistance to get enough food to maintain active,  healthy lives.” (more…)