June 2008

An independent mindset is a necessary trait in production agriculture.  Beware, this trait is now being tapped into by animal rights organizations to “divide and conquer.”  This technique was successfully used in Florida when the first gestation stall ban was put on the ballot; it continues today with HSUS latest video release.  (more…)

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.”  ~ Einstein

What value to you bring to the table?  Can you clearly define that value to others?  Does your part of the agrifood system provide value or are you about success? The two aren’t mutually exclusive, but be sure that value is derived from your role in agriculture. 

Are you a price taker or price maker?  The argument can be made for both sides, but I most often hear the former.  The wild markets of 2008 brings about more uncertainty.  However, the reality is that Americans still “eat cheap” as compared to counterparts.  This article from Germany tells how they were able to get the attention of their retailer. (more…)

The following just came in from Sustainable Table, who produced the “fun” Meatrix, a series of cartoons featuring the “terrible” practices in modern food production.”  Meatrix I focused on dismantling pork and poultry production, Meatrix II goes after “industrial” dairies, and Meatrix II½ “exposes” meat processors. If you’re in agriculture and haven’t seen these, take a look – they are tremendously effective in the media savvy under-40 crowd.  (more…)