The University of Wisconsin – Madison employed author and journalist Michael Pollan to speak about “In Defense of Food”  last week, as a follow-up to the  book’s highly controversial selection as the first literature on the “Go Big Read” university-wide reading list. According to Feedstuffs, Pollan received $25,000 for his appearance. Does this figure seem more than a little ironic when dairy farmers are losing roughly 50 cents for each gallon of milk they produce? (more…)

The following just came in from Sustainable Table, who produced the “fun” Meatrix, a series of cartoons featuring the “terrible” practices in modern food production.”  Meatrix I focused on dismantling pork and poultry production, Meatrix II goes after “industrial” dairies, and Meatrix II½ “exposes” meat processors. If you’re in agriculture and haven’t seen these, take a look – they are tremendously effective in the media savvy under-40 crowd.  (more…)