What’s the perfect recipe for chili? Some like it with corn, others put in chickpeas, yet others crave spaghetti noodles in it. Personally I add herb cornbread biscuits on top of my chili. Different recipes fit different tastes. The same is true for social media; some will love the spice and fast pace of Twitter, while others enjoy the sweetness of Facebook. Yet others find YouTube to be the special sauce – and even go so far as to shoot video from the tractor and upload from their phone since they have no high speed internet.

Some of these folks have become ‘master chefs’ of the different tools – I encourage you to listen and learn. First off, the recently retired president of Indiana Pork, Randy Curless. Randy is a master on Facebook and the shining example of how a farmer can utilize Facebook as a business tool. Check out http://facebook.com/libertyswine and be sure to look at his photos.

The next two ‘chefs’ are found on my Facebook page at http://facebook.com/causematters.  Brent Pohlman of Midwest Laboratories brings insight on how an agribusiness can benefit from social media. Brent enjoys tracking new technology and offers ideas on what’s coming, such as Google Wave.  See my conversation with Brent.

Liz Woodruff of Milk Promotion Services of Indiana is the final chef , talking about both social media and how Indiana ag organizations collaborated to produce the first Livestock, Grain and Forage Forum. Click here for Liz’s video. Her recipe is really about adapting a strategic hub to help further the message of Indiana’s dairy farmers, who now have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, the blogosphere and Linkedin.

Social media isn’t a completely different kitchen to cook in. You just have to find the right recipe for your tastes, as you can see from these three conversations. Shouldn’t you get cooking?