My week started on with giving a workshop on social media a women’s leadership program in North Carolina and ended with a keynote to encourage ladies to celebrate agriculture in central Kansas. Hanging out with other women rarely happens in my work as a professional agricultural speaker, so I enjoyed some girl time.  A common denominator was shoes (of course!); in North Carolina we joked about one woman with 40 shoes in her car and in Kansas, we switched shoes (literally).

And yes, like most women, we talked. I would love to see that strength put to work for agriculture; mothers and grandmothers can have such unique influence in building an understanding of family, food and farms. Listen to what Chris Wilson, president of American Agri-Women, had to say about the female voice:

Thanks to the American Agri-Women from across the country and those I met from central Kansas at Mid-Kansas Co-op for a memorable week.  Here’s the big question – how can ladies put their voices – and their shoes – to work in bridging the gap between gate and plate?