There’s a collective sigh of relief in my office! It appears a party can be thrown on Facebook – and be a cool way of connecting people. I don’t know about you, but I’m always a little worried before a party. The same worries held true before I announced the National Agriculture Week Party on the Cause Matters Corp. Facebook fan page. What if no one showed up…or it was boring…or we ran out of ideas or…(yes, I worry too much). Well,  I’m pleased to report the party seems to hopping.  Check out just a few of the great ideas shared by people across the country…

Relief to Haiti, the Heart of an Industry
In a story that illustrates the commitment of farmers in feeding people – and the generosity of those in the agrifood business, Don Koehler shows how the peanut industry worked together to send 3.5 million servings of peanut butter to Haiti.

Butchers help students take a hands on approach to learning

The science & biology of agriculture is fascinating to students!

In South Central Kentucky~ John’s Custom Meats, LLC. & Split Creek Farms/Cattle Farmers try to demystify the meat you eat!  Amy Sipes reports “We enjoy using our knowledge and skills in the classroom as well. We donate bones to area High School classrooms as part of their science/biology curriculum. The children really enjoy it and we love being an asset to our region’s classroom education.”

Dairy Veterinarian Connects with Teachers
Katherine Swift, DVM, has gone into classrooms to show the students what cows eat. She reports “I sent a letter to all the elementary schools in the county introducing myself as a veterinarian that works in the area. I let them know that I would be happy to come and visit with the students about what I do and about the animals I work with. It’s a little easier now since I have friends with kids in school. I can also say, “I did this at Main St. Elementary and they really liked it.”

Farm Bureau wants to ‘Share Breakfast’
The Ross County Farm Bureau is inviting the public to share a meal and their thoughts during the annual Farmers Share Breakfast for $1 per person. Additional donations will be collected to benefit the newly formed Ross County Chapter of Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry. “The dollar cost represents the small amount of cash the farmer would receive for producing the food,” said Ray Wells, Ross County Farm Bureau president. “It’s a great way for folks to understand that farmers make a very small amount for every dollar spent on food in this country.

Farming for Generations Video Shared
Discusses the family farm and introduces viewers to several family farmers, including contributor’s Peter Schott’s family.

The Animal Agriculture Alliance (Alliance) continues its ”Adopt-A-Teacher” program,  which helps an individual or company can provide the teacher of his/her choice with a Teacher Resource Kit, a complete resource kit full of educational materials about animal agriculture. The kit enables teachers to answer many of the questions both they and their students have about animal agriculture and the animal rights vs. animal welfare issue.

Using Facebook to Spread the Word about HSUS
“In my personal experience, social networking advocacy is a great way to clear up misconceptions like this. The Humane Society of the United States is an organization that – despite its misleading name – does not operate any animal shelters or spay and neuter clinics but does spend a considerable amount of its time and money lobbying against animal agriculture. From time to time, I utilize my personal Facebook page to share this with others.” says  Chelsea Good.

South Dakota Fifth Grade Classes to Celebrate National Ag Week
American agriculture provides the necessities of everyday life: food, fiber, clothing, and now fuel.  That’s the message that farmers will share with South Dakota youth. A local dairy farmer and pork producer will help students understand how South Dakota’s number one industry affects nutrition and food supply, as well as agriculture’s economic, social, and environmental significance to all Americans.

You don’t want to miss out on the party, do you? A lot of discussion is happening around these ideas and more are being added to the extravaganza every hour. C’mon over and check it out – you might learn something.