Join the National Ag Week Idea Extravaganza!

We’re having a party – and you are invited!  This party is going to be a bit different; it’s all about idea sharing and is happening virtually on Facebook at the Cause Matters Corp. fan page, so you’ll have to BYOB. What’s the occasion?  National Agriculture Week, of course!  What better time to connect the people raising food, feed, fuel and fiber?  And – you may just win a prize for the most creative idea or question…

Since most party invitations include all of the particulars, we’re making that attempt here. The best part? You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home – and you can meet all sorts of interesting new people while learning from them. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Who? People wanting to share creative agriculture advocacy ideas AND anyone who has a question about where their food and clothing come from.
  • Where? On the wall of
  • When? March 13 noon until March 20 at midnight to qualify for the Agriculture Week Extravaganza prize
  • How? Post your link, idea, video, question, tip, best practice on the wall – it’s that easy.

Why the party? National Agriculture Week is a great chance for us to have an EXTRAVAGANZA of ideas and best practices shared about how to connect the farm gate and consumer plate, along with answering consumer questions.  In today’s age of rushed schedules and information overload, I thought it would be fun to harness social media to get as many ideas as possible in one place.

Hope you’ll join in the fun; share as often as you’d like throughout the week. The three people with the most creative ideas or questions will win a free one-hour webinar to discuss social media and agricultural advocacy. Send in your RSVP today! The only gift you need to bring is some friends. After all, it won’t be an idea EXTRAVAGANZA unless you show up.