Ever had a cow lick your video camera? Wonder why a farmer tweets? Want to know how the agricultural community is REALLY using tools such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs?  Take a look at any of these quick videos on the Cause Matters Corp. Facebook Fan page – I can’t say it any better than these farmers and agribusiness folks do.

Ray Prock in “Singling Out Social Media”

Brandon Hunnicut on “Why Farmers Tweet”

Barbara Martin, The Dairy Goddess, “Blogging with the Video Camera”

Cheryl Stubendieck, Nebraska Farm Bureau “Sharing Social Media Success”

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve traveled from coast to coast keynoting, as well as  providing agricultural advocacy and social media workshops. The people who I meet are truly the greatest reward of my work. I hope  you enjoy them as much as I do – and heed their advice that it’s time for agriculture to get in gear in social media.