MPK Live (unedited)

Today I finally took my spoken word online through video blogging, YouTube, etc.  You wouldn’t think it would take a professional speaker so long to jump into ‘casual videos’, particularly when I ask farmers to do so.  It was a great lesson in overcoming my perfectionist tendencies – and also how simple social media makes video sharing. You can do the same with your webcam, video camera, flip camera or even digital camera. Simple shoot, save, upload and share.

Can you guess the topic I wanted to to ‘tee up’ first?  Leadership in agricultural advocacy through social media, of course!  Facebook is now about the same size of the U.S population with 300 million users.  Hopefully that spells opportunity to you, but take a look…

If you’d like to learn more about social media, feel free to join me on a “Farming Your Online Community” or “Twitter Techniques for Ag Tweeps & Tweets” webinar over the next few weeks.

Let me know your thoughts about the video and if your connection speed makes it difficult to watch.  Since I’m not traveling this week, it was actually shot in my pink and chocolate office (which I know will be very popular with the men out there).  And no – I don’t typically wear a suit when I’m in the office, but had a TV  interview the day this was shot.  I’m hopeful to add videos into my mix of information, but would like your comments or e-mails  if you find this format of information valuable or not.  If you do, please share with your colleagues. Thanks in advance!