Rolly little  puppies and fuzzy kittens are irresistible.  Apparently the Humane Society of the United States can’t keep away from them, though it may not be for the reasons you expect.  Less than 4% of the annual HSUS budget goes to local animal shelters, counter opposite to HSUS campaigns featuring adorable little pups and kitties.

Finally a major media outlet in Atlanta picked up these facts. Take a look at the news  exposing how the HSUS falsely puts pets in the position to feed the HSUS coffers, even if it means leveraging the sympathy following a natural disaster. The Louisiana Attorney General is now considering re-opening the investigation into the missing millions that HSUS raised to help support animals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, according to one source.

You can see the video at Interestingly enough, there have been “copyright” issues with the video that was posted on YouTube and on the station’s website. The pressure has gone so far as to have Twitter up in arms and canceling the account of the Center for Consumer Freedom. One has to wonder what HSUS is worried about hiding.

If you love animals, support your local animal shelter.  Do not be tricked into adding to the $200 million in HSUS assets (click here for more background of the muli-million dollar activist industry).  HSUS is not affiliated with local animal shelters and works  to abolish animal agriculture in North America.  Please share this with as many people as you can to help more understand how misleading HSUS is; they have already worked to remove this video and text from the media outlet website.

Not in the business of food production?  Beyond the obvious lack of integrity, here’s what the HSUS goals mean to you:  increased food prices, fewer choices in the grocery store, decreased national security with more food imports, and stalls in medical research.  Don’t be tricked by the cute ads and glitzy campaigns of this animal rights group!