Michigan State University’s student newspaper, The State News recently ran an op-ed from one of PETA’s well-known radicals. This particularly upset me, as no reference was made to the acts of vandalism that animal rights and envrionmental activists have done to MSU’s College of Agriculture & Natural Resources over the last 20 years – including arson proven in the court of law.

It is interesting that this OPINION piece from PETA doesn’t mention their role in supporting terrorism to destroy Michigan State. As a reminder, animal rights and environmental groups have attempted to destroy both Anthony & Agriculture Halls. PETA provided funding to the arsonist who was convicted of burning an animal science lab and is linked to many of the other extremists in the multi-million dollar activist industry. Read a bit about Friedrich’s maneuvers of the past and see if he’s the kind of person you can really trust; I can fully understand Dr. Armstrong’s choice to not partake in a “debate” given the character involved.

If you choose to be vegan based upon sound science and an informed decision, you are welcome to do so. However, please understand PETA is not about sound science; they are simply looking a headline and always play the sensationalism card.

As very proud Spartan – and a graduate of both ANR Communications and Animal Science – it is disappointing that The State News gave PETA space. When will you provide agriculture with the opportunity share how they’ve worked diligently to keep food costs at an affordable level, provide nutrition for a population expected to double by 2050, or be the economic bright spot of Michigan – even in a dismal economy?

And, by the way, if your readers really want to know what happens in food production, take a look south of campus. Or, find a farmer and have a genuine conversation about why they do what they do (check with MSU’s CANR or Michigan Farm Bureau to find one in your area). Don’t believe the misinformation spouted by one sensationalist; agriculture has “shown up” since the beginning of this country – and will continue to do so at your next meal.

PETA’s Op-Ed and reader responses are available online., as is the response from the Dean of MSU’s CANR.  Thankfully, the majority of the crowd at Friederich’s appearance at MSU was pro-agriculture. However, the issue still stands. Another animal rights extremist – the same folks who have seen an 11% increase in contributions over the last year – managed to grab the headlines. When was the last time an ag headline incited action?