Technology that increases productivity excites me, but I wasn’t one of the early adopters of social media.  Frankly, it seemed like a waste of time. However, when I saw a “movement” created online before the 2008 U.S. elections and learned that half of FaceBook users are older than college age, I decided social media was worth a second look.  Same goes with webinars; I’ve never been a huge fan, but have found the technology to be a great training tool to reach people across the world without requiring any of us the pain and cost of travel.  And, since piloting them in December, I’ve found webinars make even more sense when you need the users to be looking at a computer screen, such as training about social media.

Thus began my adventure in offering webinars focused on social media, which I believe are better coined as online communities.  Folks, communities are proliferated daily and opinions are swayed through these online venues hourly.  It’s a very real movement and if agriculture doesn’t get out in FRONT of some of these influencer channels, we’ll have even fewer people connected to where their food comes from. 

You can join a webinar if you have dial-up or DSL; I’ve had participants use both successfully.  You don’t have to be a techno genius to do this stuff; my involvement is testament enough to that statement.  You also don’t need to be 21 or under to find value in an online community, nor do you need to spend hours each week muddling around in online communities.  The reality is that if a number of us in agriculture don’t make a presence know, we are missing out on the KEY opportunity sway opinions about how food is produced.  If you’re interested, I’d invite you to the webinar; it’s $19.99 for an hour jam-packed with information. 

Farming Your Online Community: Social Networks and Beyond  
Does the buzz about Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, Ning, Twitter, YouTube and other online communities really matter to agriculture? Absolutely! Professional Speaker Michele Payn-Knoper will explain 110 million reasons why you need to be engaged with social media. You’ll learn from her experiences with developing online communities and how social networks are impacting popular opinion about food production. This webinar will give you a road map of how to get started with an online community, understand differences in the major sites and stake your claim in Web 2.0. You’ll be surprised with your ability to farm the online community; Michele is an agricultural advocacy expert who is 100% self-taught in social media sites and believes agriculture needs to learn from others online. Come ready to learn about online networks and why they’re ripe with opportunity for agriculture!You will receive your password and webinar link when you have paid through PayPal.  Go to to complete your payment after you have registered using GoToWebinar.  Call Michele at 765.427.4426 or e-mail with any questions.     

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