“Well, I feel like I got baptized in Vegan Land today.” said Oprah on her May 20 show, according to Farm Sanctuary who reports this show featured Kathy Freston, author of Quantum Wellness. Oprah announced that she has embarked on a 21-day cleanse that includes removing all animal products from her diet in her quest to be a “conscious eater.” Farm Sanctuary reports through its newsletter “This is BIG. So BIG, in fact, that we need you to show your support of Oprah’s choice to try an animal-free diet. Please join the discussion, or share your story on Oprah’s site.” There’s also a blog about Oprah’s experience.

Folks, Farm Sanctuary works hard to have mainstream appeal and the addition of celebrities makes their mission of doing away with animal agriculture a real threat. Here’s the encouragement from Farm Sanctuary to their members and readers – take note so you can learn from their tactics and respond on behalf of agriculture.

“There is no better time than the present to do your own bit of vegan activism.” according to Farm Sanctuary. “Order a stack of our Guide to Veg Living booklets today to distribute in your local community or visit VegForLife.org for recipes and information on how you can spread compassion and teach people to be “conscious eaters.”

More of the same is predicted for the Ellen Show later in May. Farm Sanctuary fans Rory Freedman, author of The Skinny Bitch (an incredibly ill-founded book that condemns nearly all of agriculture) and Freston will appear in separate episodes. Agriculture may not have a celebrity showing up on our behalf, but we do have two things in our favor – credibility and science. Will you use either of those to correct the misinformation that is being promoted through mass media?  The secret is doing so in the language of your target audience, so they feel like they’ve been “baptized in agriculture.”