Beware…HSUS is on the hunt for more shocking footage to diminish the credibility of all of us in animal agriculture.  Most well-known amongst the general population for “fuzzy kitties and cute puppies” – the Humane Society of the United States has weighed in as a heavyweight to bring animal agriculture to its knees. 

See for the latest on downer cows and to better understand who we’re fighting. You may not like it, but take note of their public relations techniques as HSUS is masterful at hitting hot buttons of people who likely have never set foot on a farm.  We could learn a thing or two – whether you’re planting corn or managing a feedlot.  This kind of propaganda damages everyone in agriculture.

Here’s the announcement that came out this morning:

“‘The Humane Society of the United States Uncovers Abuse at Animal

Investigators Find Downer Cows Left to Languish and Suffer at Auctions
in Md., N.M., Pa. and Texas

The Humane Society of the United States will reveal the findings of its
next investigation on the mistreatment of farm animals. HSUS undercover
investigators documented downed cows-unable even to stand and walk-being
transported to livestock auctions, which are a critical link between
dairy farms and slaughter plants. New video will be discussed and made

And just for the record, this DOES provide an opportunity for you to communicate how you take pride in the well-being of your animals and land.  I personally believe it’s morally wrong to abuse an animal and know most who work with animals on a daily basis join me in disgust for these videos.  Don’t let the HSUS PR machine make it worse; stand up and put a face on agriculture in your local community.